Donate Money

The most effective way for individuals and the private sector to support disaster survivors is to donate money to trusted, reputable, relief organizations. Cash donations allow disaster response organizations to purchase exactly what is needed when it is needed. With cash in hand, these organizations can obtain needed resources locally which helps local economies recover as well.

Please consider making a financial gift to the organization of your choice from the list below:


Long-Term Recovery Groups:

Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group (VCLTRG)

The Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group (VCLTRG)  is coordinating the receipt and distribution of donations and responding to unmet needs during times of disaster and beyond. Several local organizations have joined forces to help residents in the community with recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

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Chambers County Longterm Recovery Organization

Chambers County is located directly east of Houston. Any monetary donations will be used to deal with the long-term issues the county will face after Harvey. This fund will go towards helping the residents of Chambers County in need, such as basic hygiene items, food, water and shelter.

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Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team (BCLTRT)

Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team (BCLTRT) is dedicated to helping those who were uninsured or underinsured from natural and man-made disasters in Bastrop County. Donations help these families rebuild their lives, and stay in Bastrop County. Along with assisting families with repairs from Hurricane Harvey, our team is assisting neighborhoods with readiness plans. Education and preparation of neighborhoods and families is a primary goal for BCLTRT moving forward. The better we are prepared the less impact any future events will have on our county.

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Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group (CBDRG)

Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group (CBDRG) is a state recognized long-term recovery nonprofit organization created to address the unmet needs of Coastal Bend area residents affected by disaster. CBDRG covers 11 counties in south Texas near Corpus Christi. Our Harvey Recovery efforts are focused in Aransas, Bee, Kleberg, Nueces, Refugio, and San Patricio Counties. Donated funds will be used to purchase needed goods and services. All funds go directly to our local disaster recovery efforts. Donations are accepted via the Coastal Bend Community Foundation.

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Baytown Area & Chambers County Disaster Recovery (BACC DR)

Baytown Area and Chambers County Disaster Recovery’s (BACC DR) mission is to assist in identifying the unmet needs of those affected by Hurricane Harvey and other future disasters, and to coordinate access to resources that could provide relief. Services will be provided with no preference to an individual’s race, color, creed, gender, Disability or religious affiliation.

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Walker County Long Term Recovery Committee (WCLTRC)

The Walker County Long Term Recovery Corporation (WCLTRC) is a community committee setup to help families recover from disasters.

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Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group (GCLTRG)

Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group (GCLTRG) is the official long-term recovery group of Galveston County made up of representatives from non-profit, faith-based, and civic organizations and government and business partners working in our county. Our efforts focus on identifying and developing resources in Disaster Case Management, home restoration, equipping unmet needs and the health and spiritual care of families affected by the disaster.  GCLTRG is a collaborative coalition established and maintained on behalf of the individuals and families in Galveston County. Its purpose is to facilitate and implement a coordinated response to Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery.

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Fayette County Disaster Recovery Team (FCDRT)

Everyday citizens came together to help their neighbors. Fayette County Disaster Recovery Team (FCDRT) was formed after Hurricane Harvey caused major storm and flood damage in Fayette County, particularly to the area of the City of La Grange. The goal of FCDRT is to mend and ultimately improve the community by bringing together people in need and those who can help restore lives after any kind of disaster.

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Hardin County Strong

Hardin County Strong is the recognized Long Term Recovery Team serving Hardin County, Texas, focused on helping our community recover following disaster. Our mission is accomplished by having affected individual and families work closely with a case manager to identify their unmet needs and to assist with obtaining the resources necessary to meet these needs. Our objectives are to: provide community care through case management provide home repairs or repairs according to unmet needs funding to provide residents with spiritual and emotional care management for rebuilding.

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Harris County Recovery Network

The Harris County Recovery Network is here to help in the weeks, months and even years beyond the immediate emergency.

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Montgomery County Community Assistance Recovery Efforts and Services (MCCARES)

MCCARES coordinates assistance with mucking and gutting of homes following a disaster, including removing wet sheetrock and insulation, damaged cabinets or furniture.

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Help! I’m Hurting! Inc. (HIH)

Help! I’m Hurting, Inc. (HIH) is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas.  The organization is organized for exclusively religious, charitable, educational, scientific, crisis management, and long term recovery purposes. HELP! I’m Hurting, Inc., is working to address the serious threats to a prosperous Port Arthur, Texas and similar communities posed by natural disaster, homelessness, drug/alcohol addiction, displaced families, and gang activity and to achieve positive outcomes for these individuals, their families and their community village.

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Brazoria County Long-Term Recovery Committee (BCL-TRC)

The Brazoria County Long-Term Recovery Committee fosters efficient, streamlined service delivery to people affected by disaster, while eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort, through cooperation in the four phases of disaster: preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

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Orange County Disaster Rebuild

Orange County Disaster Rebuild aims to assist individuals and families who have unmet needs with recovery from any natural or man-made disasters. Working closely with a case manager to identify resources necessary to meet these needs.

Objectives include: community care through case management, home rebuilds or repairs according to unmet needs funding, and spiritual and emotional care management to survivors.

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Liberty County Long Term Recovery Committee (LCLTRC)

The Liberty County Long Term Recovery Committee (LCLTRC) (501 c 3 organization) is an umbrella organization comprised of various faith communities, secular agencies, government agencies, and individuals. Member organizations can provide resources and services to the LCLTRC in the event of a disaster. Any interested individual or organization can become a partner within the LCLTRC. Each member or partner maintains its own identity and independence, yet pledges to work cooperatively to improve disaster response and to eliminate unnecessary service duplications.

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Wharton County Recovery Team  (WCRT)

The Wharton County Recovery Team is a 501(c)(3)non-profit which was formed in 2016 to assist low income, uninsured, under-insured individuals, and families with recovery from natural or man-made disasters. Our goal is to take an active role in coordinating boots on the ground in every step of the disaster response process managing the chaos of the flood of volunteers and donations in the immediate wake of a crisis, coordinating rebuilding efforts as our community attempts to return to a state of normalcy, and helping to develop new affordable housing and aid in mitigation and disaster preparedness efforts to help lessen the impact of the next natural disaster.

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Fort Bend Recovers (FBR)

Fort Bend Recovers (FBR) is the official long-term recovery committee of Fort Bend County. It’s made up of local government agencies, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and business partners within the community. FBR is a collaborative network established and maintained on behalf of the individuals, families, businesses, and communities in Fort Bend County to facilitate and implement a coordinated response to disaster recovery needs.

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If the affected area is not listed above, please see a list of FEMA Declared County (DR-4322) websites.